Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

HBR Iron Pax Challenge Week 3


3rd F: (Faith)
Join us this evening at 8pm for the bi-weekly fellowship faith discussion. Zoom link is located in the 3RD F Slack Channel

On going TAP for the Education staff, Students, and families in this new Virtual learning world.

2nd F (Fellowship)
Still time to signup for the Cornhole tournament at the Men’s Retreat on October 3rd.

Runners: The Diamond is back open for the weekly Wednesday Run club. It starts at 6:15 PM and has both a 4 and 6 mile route. Food and beverages afterwards. Get place to EH future pax.

Meet-up at Wilson’s house on Saturday night at midnight. He wants his house painted in Miami Dolphin logos and colors. Wants it to be a surprise for his M. 🙂 DM Wilson for details.

1st F (Fitness) AKA: The Thang

  • Start
    • Run 400m
      • 100 merkins
    • Run 400m
      • 90 squats
    • Run 400m
      • 80 merkins
    • Run 400m
      • 70 squats
    • Run 400m
      • 60 merkins
    • Run 400m
      • 50 squats
    • Run 400m
      • 40 merkins
    • Run 400m
      • 30 squats
    • Run 400m
      • 20 merkins
    • Run 400m
      • 10 squats
    • Run 800m
  • End (Total work is 3 miles of running, 300 merkins, and 250 squats.)

The IPC doesn’t leave much room for mubblechatter so the moleskin is typically hard to put out there… typically random ramblings of strange thoughts that happen when its 530 in the morning and you are oxygen deprived from doing something your body will hate you for later. I will spare you all from the wonderings i had this morning while trying to catch Probation on the track as to why i have the channels i do with the free to air antenna… but i can tell you that for some random reason.. i like Grizzly Adams again. 🙂 Another thing… does any one have any idea why the 1st Merkin is the hardest when doing a ladder. The set of 40; i had to talk myself into that 1st one like a drunk sailor trying to coach his 1st step after getting up off the bar stool… I would imagine after the 90 Squats we all looked like drunk sailors trying to run that track…. oh yeah… who thought it was a good idea to make a track out of tiny sand sized rocks.. that crap is like sandpaper if you get a piece in your sock. Glad i didnt get a piece in my sock, but sure thought of it while i was pacing Light House on the 1st lap. Wait a minute?!?!?! where is Handshake? he was on the text tread yesterday.. didnt see him at HoeDown either… Bet he was watching football to late. Dang… Is that Bodos and GomerPyle already on the other side of the track.. we just started??!?!?!? i wonder if they got rocks in their socks. Are spots normal when you are doing 80 merkins after sprinting a 400? I think they are.. it must be the oxygen i’m not getting and yet still think it is a good idea to keep going when the body is screaming stop.. ok.. maybe a little break… stop it self.. no breaks until you are done.
OOOPs.. sorry about the random thoughts..

Until next time.

John (Gypsy) Boles


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Raised in Hampton.. Two 2.0s.. Director of Expansion: Speed For Need.. F3 Nation Truebadour.. Brother in the Gloom.. A broken pax, but working daily to be better.


  1. Nice work everyone. A challenge like this is mental on top of the obvious physical (see Gypsy’s post above). I was looking forward to working down to the 40 merkins, but hit muscle failure on rep 32 of the 60 – then it was three at a time and it took some time to finish that round.

    Now enjoying some rest: Stretch the pectoralis major and latissimus dorsi. Big arm circles. Warm heat.

    Gitty up!

  2. Thanks for leading this Gypsy. I like that we know what is coming, dread it, then after realizing it isn’t that bad