Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Saab and a white van


9 swamprats crawled out of bed this morning on a Sunny and 70 morning. A little bit humid and a little bit wet.

Mosey a few feet, 49 WWII 24 Rosalitas, Mosey to corner. Run to next corner and back (4 times), other guy do hand release merkins and jump squats. Mosey to basketball courts. 4 corners x 3 10 Lt. Dan’s, 20 LBC’s, 30 copper head squats, 40 WWII setups. Mosey to swamp for 6 MOM and then back to the shovel flag.


If it were pouring rain this AM, the PAX would have been a lot dryer than we ended up. It was one of the wettest ever workouts for me (not quite, but close, no toll on the tennis courts wins that battle). Lots of mumble chatter regarding Saab’s childhood. Sounds like he grew up fast on the streets of New Jersey.

Saab will be having a daily Zoom call with his wife at 7am daily. Tune in for a full view of the crabtree household.



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