Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is OC is cheating on his M with Nancy Lopez?


Mystery abounds with that title but only the warriors who showed up to SOT this morning know the story and answer…at least those who chose the workout. A few runners scampered off at 515 for a 7 mile jaunt. Well done men.

For the workout crew –

Warmarama included SSH, Helicopters, Collard Pickers formerly known as cherry pickers (thanks to the BoBerry education – you don’t pick cherries off the ground), Don Q, LBC’s and Merkins.

Following warmarama, one lap around the track and over to the parking lot for some hill work. PAX objective was to make way up hill based on instruction from Q, then mosey to the bottom for 1 minute of work. We lunged, jogged, 75% sprinted, frog jumped and sprinted up the hill with WWII’s, side planks, APD’s, LBC’s, etc. called at the bottom. Rosetta definitely led the group up the hill this morning. Bullseye may have blown a tire when he took on this rabbit. Of course we laughed at his foolishness but admired his courage and hope for a quick recovery.

Following hill work, PAX jogged to the field for some 10 second sprints. We did 5 rounds of 10 sec sprint, jog back to the start and then various push ups (20 count) before the next round.

Back to the flag for some stretches and the ‘ol numberrama / Namearama. YHC took us out in prayer.

It was a highlight of my day to see Gumbo back out with the group. It’s been too long. Looking forward to logging a run with you soon. Also, great to see and meet Roscoe and appreciate him coming out. He and Hardywood bring such a unique contribution to warmup counting.

Post submitted on my phone so apologize for being light on the details, but a good time was has by all.


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  1. Nice Q OC. Appreciation for the stretch at the end. Nice to see gumbo getting off the peloton (those instructors will mesmerize you). OC be on the lookout for some texts.

  2. OC – serious beating yesterday for sure. Well done. Careful with getting close to Nancy…….. Remember the boiled rabbit scene LOL

  3. Great to get back out for sure but yes, Nancy, the Peloton instructors do crush the PAX in looks! Great to see you guys and test the hammy with the runners. First 3-4 were strong and then thanks to POG and Honeymoon (and Annie) for dragging me back for the last 3. Looking forward to my fist boot camp in a while at Twin Team.

  4. Something about SOT lends to top notch mumble chatter. Chocolate starfish and the polo shirt one week to late night texts from “who is Nancy Lopez” the next. Awesome Q OC. Appreciated the change up after IPC!