Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Dude, what did you have for dinner?!?!


4 men arrived on a beautiful Friday morning to finish their week right with some hot potato.

  • Yardsale Q:
    • Lap around the main parking lot
    • COP
      • Arm circles (big x 10, small x 5); Reverso
      • SSH x 20
      • HRMs x 10
      • LBCs x 20
    • 4 corners – 25 reps of an exercise at each corner (HRMs, heels to heaven, ball dippers, WW2s). In between corners, run straight, karaoke, Bernie Sanders, karaoke back to starting corner.
  • Bulkhead Q:
    • Merkin Island – Each man goes to a parking lot island. From the starting point, each man will do a wide grip merkin, then a diamond merkin on the island curb all the way around the island.
  • Mudface Q – mosey to playground in the back.
    • 1 man Dora – 50 merkins, 100 WW2s, 150 one leg squats. After doing 10 reps, run from the playground to the building and back for another 10 reps.
  • Mr. Holland Q – 1 MoM (American hammers and Freddie Mercuries)
  • Numberama, namerama, Mr. Holland took us out.
  • Notes:
    • YHC had Taco Bell for dinner the night before and the 4th F was in full effect. Leading to the title of the workout.
    • Hardwork was put in by all. Great work gents!

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