Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Iron Pax Hangover


A quartet of toned studs arrived before the sun to take on the day at First Watch. As YHC arrived an attempted poacher was taking off after an attempt to hijack the PAX for a rival AO. Fortunately the PAX remained faithful to the temptation.

5 am called and off we went. This is what was rumored to have occurred according to the paper carriers flying along the road.

COP 1: Warmarama consisting of DQ’s, SSH’s, Cherry Pickers, Arm Circles

COP 2: 7 of Diamonds – Burpees, Shoulder Tap Merkins, LBC’s, Monkey Humpers, Heels to Heaven, Mountain Climbers, Merkins

COP 3: Lazy Dora with coupons: 100 Lt Dans, 200 Chest Presses, 300 Curls (called early due to time)

BTTF: YHC took us out

Announcements/Prayers: Labor Day Convergence on Monday at Gridiron, Florence Mother in Law going into surgery today, EF Huttons Father waiting for results on his scan tomorrow.

Moleskin: Mumble Chatter from Week 1 of the Iron Pax Challenge. Calling Burpees almost lead to a mutiny from the PAX as everyone was still burning from the brutal workout. Didn’t have time to finish the Dora but good work none the less.

Great to see the usual suspects at the AO this morning for some coupon work and a slow mosey around the church. Great work today gentlemen. Always good to get the workout in before the sunrise. Seize the Day boys.


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  1. No IPC hangover for me, but that was still brutal. The burpees into shoulder tap merkins smoked me.

    Only UpChuck, smh.

  2. Damn! Almost Silent Assassin-like! I agree EFH, that combo at the beginning was brutal. Nice one, Last Call. Nice try, Upchuck!