Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No Sixes in the Mixes


Early in the gloom, the few runners we had just stood around looking at each other, so I asked the question: “Who’s Q?” More stares. Somebody threw out Reverse Carrilon, so that’s the route. Bleeder explained the route, which sounded good to me. Bodos said he knew the 5 miler, but Swiper did not have confidence. He came back to me twice with where do we turn questions, so looks like Im running with the 5’s!

So this begs the question, how do you go from not wanting to get up, to running slow and comfortable, to running faster and farther, to ultimately being the Q?

a) circumstance

b) force

c) willingness

d) a mix of all the above

Just like prison sex, its a mix of all the above.

There were a whole lot more pax at the COT than were at 0530, and only Saab was spotted actually running this morning. What did they do?

a) actually ran, and launched early to get in more distance

b) ran to starbucks, shot the breeze for an hour, then came back and dumped water on TYA so it looked like they ran

c) Ran over to MARV’s house planning on TPing his yard, only to find out that it was so humid, the toilet paper actually stuck to their hands and they couldnt throw it

d) a mix of all the above

Well done to those that ACTUALLY did run/bike this morning…..even if you cant prove it.

Apology of the week goes out to TYA for making fun of how much he sweats, because that HAS TO BE a medical condition and he cant help it.

Lab Rat apologizes…


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