Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Respect The Carillon and Stay Positive


7 Hardchargers showed be up to WDog this morning with the Q open. Swirly called Hells Bells, stated hot potato, and grabbed the Q. BOOM time to work!!

COP on the bricks, in front of The Carillon-x 10 SSH, x 10 Helicopters, x 10 Don Quixote’s, Planks (lots of positions), x 10 Flutter Kicks, x 10 Reverse Scorpion Kicks, x 10 LBC’s, and finally a Swirly Fav…x 10 Merkins. Time to mosey over to The Stage for individual coupon workout

Swirly’s Coupon Trifecta- x 10 Burpees (pushing off cinderblock and raising above your head), x 15 Cinderblock Curls, x 20 Cinderblock Squats. OYO and repeat x 3. Mosey over to Love Hill and partner up.

Starting at halfway point of Love Hill (Hitchhiker was the only one with illumination). Partner 1 runs to gate at the top while partner 2 bears crawls, switch. Exercise 2, lunges and run, switch, Exercise 3, Broadjump Burpees and run, switch till the gate was reached. Q thrown over to Flatline and off to The Field we go.

4 Corners and Descend down. Corner 1, x 10 Burpees, Corner 2, x 20 LBC’s, Corner 3, x 30 Merkins, Corner 4, x 40 SSH. And back down to the beginning-x 40 SSH, x 30 Merkins, x 20 LBC, x 10 Burpees. Mosey back to the flag with 1 minute to spare. Dead man’s hang till our allotted time was up.

Number-ama, Name-r-ama, Announcements:

Bone Thug 10K August 21 at RAMM. Bone Thug is starting at 0500. All PAX must finish their 10K in time to finish with Bone Thug on the home stretch.

Prayers for Upchuck and his wife’s family.


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