Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

First Watch joins the block party fad


An elite 3 found coupons waiting in the COP. We did:

COP: SSH, Russian Soldiers, Flutterkicks, merkins, IMperial Walkers. Grab a coupon next to the road. Setup for Triple Check: SitNPress, Curls, and Lunge with Cinder block. 60 Block bench presses. Some Alabama Softball players, then leave block behind.

Mosey over to Cameron St and down. Way back 10 Merkins on mailboxes on left side, 10 WWIIs on right. Back to HSP (Henrico’s smallest park) and pick up coupon: KB Swings alternating hands, Squats. Over to RRB lot: Bear Crawl half lot, jog rest. Sprint length back to blocks in HSP. Some more Bench presses and Squats. Back to flag for 2 min of mary, shift 20 yards upwind thanks to EF Hutton. LBCs, Heels2Heaven, & American Hammers.

Announcements: 10k Friday morning at 5:15 or whatever your anticipated 10k finish time will be to get there at 6:15. Iron PAX week one starts next week, still plenty of time to sign up.

NMS: With 2 of our “softer’ regulars for First Watch at the beach this week YHC wanted to bust out some cinder blocks for a more challenging workout. Last Call and Hutton made it look easy. During the Block curls some of the PAX got flashbacks of Marmaduke’s bicep burner at Dogpile.


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  1. Great work Honey Do. That was a smoker. Thanks for passing the bigger coupon over to me mid Q. Arms will be hurting for a while.