Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Is F3 RVA turning into a walking club?


Four studs arose from the fartsack to finish the week with a run or a walk. Three were dead set on walking and one was……debating.

Aisle 5, Exit Row & YHC were planning on their 4.5 mile plan and Boberry was wavering and patiently waiting for more runners, but NONE showed up. Still convinced OTB should be re listed as a walking AO with running optional. At 6:01 Boberry was set on running and we all went off in our different directions.

Walkers got in 4.5 miles (getting faster each week) and the SOLO runner logged 6 miles. Great job men!

Aisle 5 – check out the video. It’s for you buddy!


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  1. Enjoyed the walk today fellas. Great job by Boberry for sticking to his running plan.

  2. Great job Guys.
    Cya in a week when I get back in town.
    Choppa and I were with you in spirit as we ran Fork Union.