Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Call a missing brother


It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day grind. It’s easy to get stuck in the rut and just stay on the path. It’s easy to follow the Status quo and just move through life.
Good thing the men of F3 don’t do things that are easy.
I ask each of you that read this to do something that’s not easy. I ask each of you to look through your contacts and find that one pax (or future pax) that you have not talked to in a very long time and call him. Sounds easy right?!? Just like the readings this week in the 3rd F study group lead by Tobit and how it should be easy of taking up the yoke..
But the truth is it is not easy, its hard… and that is why you have not done it. That awkward moment when you are not sure what to say or how to ask how things have been since you have not called him. and yes.. I said since “YOU” have not called him. WE are F3.. WE are disrupters.. it is not on that fellow pax to reach out to you.. it is up to you to reach out to him. So I challenge each of us that meet in the Gloom to call a fellow pax you have not heard from in a while and just tell him you are thinking of him. It may be the exact words he needed to get him through the day.

3rd F: Thank you Attila for taking us out in COT.

  • TAP: Johnsonville on a speedy recover (i cant image how you are in the gloom if you were injured today. Way to push through brother)
  • TAP: Farfanugan (Recovering from being hit by a cop car running in the Gloom.
  • TAP: The Brothers of F3 and Sisters of FiA that are personally recovering from COVID or helping family members that are.

2nd F:

  • As things continue with work from home, is there anyone interested in 1st Friday F3 lunch at a common location?
  • Puppy Pile coming up. DM me if you have a 2.0 interested in needing a Speed For need chair.
  • 2nd annual F3 retreat on October 3rd (camp out)
  • Date is getting nailed down for the 10k/Half Marathon Brewery tour (November 7th) we will stop in on no less than 6 breweries for the half marathon and 3 for the 10k. Pre-blast and price will be coming out soon.
  • Bone Thugs 10k on 8/21. See the HIMs of W Dog or Corn Beef for details

1st F: The Thang

Not to much complexity to today’s Kettlebell workout. it was just plain ole’ putting in some work with a little bit of iron. Each pax removed a piece of paper covering an exercise on the whiteboard. We performed exercise with 15 reps. (If it was a one arm or leg exercise it was 15 each side.)
Between each exercise was a 50 yrd waiter carry.
This was repeated until all papers was removed.
If we finished there was an extra credit Kettlebell burn out for us all.

The exercises were:

  • The Clean (sorry for the mix up on the board guys)
  • Curls
  • Tricep extensions
  • Seated over head press
  • Standing over head press
  • Louganis
  • Flutter Press
  • American Hammers
  • Goblet Squat
  • Reverse Lunge
  • Romanian dead lift
  • Single arm Swing
  • Halo
  • Lawn Mower

WE finished with 5 mins remaining so we got to do the burn out

Without putting your bell down:
7 up right rows, 7 Squats
6 up right rows, 6 Squats
5 up right rows, 5 Squats

1 up right row, 1 Squat

and done!!

Final exercise YHC carried a cooler of cold water bottles around for the guys to grab one before the COT.

Great work by all today. Good to continue to see new faces and meet new pax.
Solid work done by Pinto at his 1st Kettlebell work out. I hope you see you back out brother.
Johnsonville, let me know if you need anything while you heal up brother. Just DM and I’m on the way. Bruised ribs isn’t anything to play with so TAP on you healing up.
Not sure what White Deer ate for dinner, but down on our side of the line this morning he was seriously laying down some cover fire for an attacking army. (You might want to get that checked out brother. Just sayin’ something didnt smell natural there. ) 🙂
I keep running into Light house in the gloom and beginning to think he might be just as much a gypsy as I am. I’m gonna have to get in contact with you Light House and go grab some lunch and 2nd F to hear more of your back story to that name.

I want thank you all for coming out this morning. It’s the pax of F3 that has allowed me to celebrate my 3rd anniversary of not smoking today. Without F3, I would have never made it. Being able to seeing all your mugs in the morning is what has kept me motivated to stay with it.

Thank you for allowing me to lead this morning.



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Raised in Hampton.. Two 2.0s.. Director of Expansion: Speed For Need.. F3 Nation Truebadour.. Brother in the Gloom.. A broken pax, but working daily to be better.


  1. Now THAT is a backblast. Well written brother, and congrats on year 3 – beautiful testimony to F3 and God working in and through us. SYITG 👊

  2. Congrats on 3 years Gypsy! Looking forward to catching one of your Qs soon when I get back in town.