Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Apparently in search of a little heat and humidity, eleven posted for Saturday’s GridIron. Warmup at the empty end of the parking lot with Invisible Jump Ropes x 25, Don Quixotes x 15, Hillbillies x 15, Helicopters x 15, Suzanne Somers x 10 (each side), Alabama Prom Dates x 25, and….Arm Circles.

PAX divides into three groups – two with four guys and one with three. Each group picks an animal name – on this day, these were Honey Badger, Rabbit, and Dog. One guy from each group completes two burpees and then jogs towards the main park entrance finishing 20 two count paces, calls out the group’s animal name, then hits the ground for Little Baby Crunches. A second guy completes American Hammers until the first guy calls out the animal name, then hops up and jogs to join the first guy in LBCs. The other guy/guys choose between Walking Imperial Walkers and Walking Russian Soldiers, continuing these movements to the spot where the other team members are completing LBCs. Rotate. We continued this sequence around the AO during the morning’s workout. YHC admits initial instructions for this were poor, but somehow the PAX figured it out or at least appeared to do so.

At our first stop – the bus entrance for Short Pump Middle School at the southwestern edge of Pouncey Tract park – we completed a Lindsay (always 40 reps) including Wide Grip Merkins and Reverse Crunches. Started with 30 WGMs and 10 Reverse Crunches and adjusted our rep count by five reps until we completed 10 and 40 after five rounds.

Second stop at the southwestern entrance to the Middle School. Completed a 21-15-9 sequence with Plank Rows (two count), Plank Jacks, and Crab Cakes (two count). Complete 21 reps of each for round one, 15 for two, and nine for the final round.

Third stop at the front of the school for 11s with Donkey Kicks and Curtsey Lunges (two count and with a hand flourish if desired).

Abandonment of rotating PAX movement method for true mosey back to the start. Finish with Ring of Fire with picnic table dips. COT and Attila took us out.

2nd F – Parking lot coffee at Einstein’s followed.


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