Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

August 1st = HumidSweatMelon


A lucky number 21 warriors shook off the fartsack to welcome August in the best way they know how – losing a liter of sweat in 150% humidity with brothers closer than blood. Here’s how it went down:


COP #1:

  • Mosey to the Amphitheater
  • Welcome & F3 Disclaimer
  • Donkey Kick-Offs (Start w 5 DK’s followed by 5 seconds of feet on step above, then increase by 5 DK’s each round, spaced by 5s each) …went up to 20 DK’s
  • SSH x30 IC
  • Run back to top, x10 Derkins, return and do Dips for the SIX
  • DQ’s x10 IC
  • Repeato x10 Derkins at the top, dips for the SIX
  • Imp Walkers x15 IC
  • Repeato x10 Derkins at the top, dips for the SIX
  • Freddie M’s x20 IC
  • Repeato x10 Derkins at the top, dips for the SIX
  • LBC’s x30 IC
  • Repeato x10 Derkins at the top, dips for the SIX

COP #2:

  • Mosey around to the Stage
  • SLUTTY CUATRO:  Prostitute 4 corners with FOUR 4×4’s at each corner (4×4 = Burpee with x4 Merkins & x4 Mountain Climbers)
  • Forward movement on all fours (Bear crawl), Mosey back to start between laps

COP #3:

  • Mosey to the Carillon Field
  • 100’s – Q calls an exercise, 1st man to complete x100 reps calls out DONE, all PAX stop & run to other side, first man to the other side calls the next exercise, repeato until out of time
  • x9 Sets included – SSH’s, APD’s, Merkins, Squat/MH’s combo, Core Combo (AH’s, WWII’s, FK’s, LBC’s), Hold Elbow Plank 100s, LBC’s, Heels to Heaven, Ring of Fire (ea man x5 reps, rest plank)

Mosey BTTF for COT:

  • Run down the clock with MHumpers, SSH’s, and Lunges
  • Counterama # 21
  • Watermelon Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out in Prayer


  • Is there anything so entertaining as watching Hitchhiker gallop down the Carillon Field taunting those trying to keep up with him? What a GREAT time this morning fellas. YHC was surprised by the perpetual mumble chatter today despite the beatdown – must mean ya’ll miss each other so much you’d rather gab than breath. Appreciate the true grit shown by the PAX to push through the Slutty Cuatro – YHC nearly called an audible, but DAMN if I’m proud we didn’t. Pretty sure I heard someone ask if they were tasting sweat or blood… Thunderous T claps to Hitchhiker for the most 100’s “wins” (and style points with that goading), and also to Probation, Snuff, and Phonix for consistently pushing for a win, and to BoneThugs for a strong finishing win and brilliant last Ring of Fire set. Way to work brother! Big friendly welcome to Florence, transplant from Tallahassee F3. Meanwhile, a notable absence of Wilson today (and all his deep south crew), so I suppose the streak had to end at some point. Hilarious F2 at ET’s after – thx Upchuck for insisting YHC come out. As always, it’s an honor and joy to lead you guys – YHC is deeply grateful to have you gents as integral gears in the DTH success machine. (Don’t mumble that or it’ll sound weird…) SYITG!


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Inducted into F3 at NoToll 9/25/18 (Ollivander's VQ). [Back Story: VMI Class of 2005, Grad work at UVA, Med School at PCOM in Philly, Pediatric Residency at VCU, Served medical missions x1 year in Papua New Guinea, Settled in Bon Air with hot wife and 2 terrific kids. Work at PAHP (Pediatric & Adolescent Health Partners) and serve at Crossover Clinic. Attend WEAG (West End Assembly of God) - serve on leadership teams for Small Group and Marriage ministries. Serve abroad annually on medical mission trips. Love to hunt and fish at my parent's farm in Lexington VA. Enjoy a monthly Texas Hold'em night with the guys. Build furniture and landscape for fun.]


  1. – Prayers for Shakedown’s son with a BMX fractured jaw
    – Prayers for MIL’s of both Florence and Upchuck, cancer/health concerns
    – 8/13 BoneThugs VQ!!!
    – Hardywood Farm F3 Family Gathering (grilling meat, shooting stuff, petting zoo, tractor hayrides, etc) – see upcoming Preblast/Slack for details
    – 8/16 NoToll Puppypile 7-8am
    – 10/3 is the 2nd Annual First Inaugural Retreat
    – See Preblast for details about an October F3RVA version of BRR out on the Capitol Trail

  2. Solid Q today. F3 is going to become required for high school wrestlers looking to make weight.

    Solid sprinting today, fellas.

    Glad you joined for the 2nd F. 1st F is the excuse to come out. 2nd F is the glue to build relationships. Based on today, 3rd F might have just become Firearms.

  3. DTH – this was a creative smokefest. It felt like an art student at VCU and a masochist who works at a machine shop designed this workout. Well done brother. And the watermelon was awesome. Bone thug and Hitchhiker are my spirit animals. If Van Delay read this backblast i would let him know how much i liked seeing him out. To wrap this up the conversation at ETs was phenomenal. It was so good i am saving that story for the first time i visit WEAG.

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