Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Paula Abdul can be so confusing!


YHC tried like hell to pass the Q off to POG early this morning with a text. He wasn’t having it and politely told me to get my candy ass out of the fartsack.

Four studs met in the dark clubhouse parking lot (seriously need someone to e-mail clubhouse committee) to start a Friday off right. Here is how it went down or maybe something like this.

Quick COP then mosey to first mailbox on Satan’s Hill to start the Mailbox Paula Abdul. Two forward, one back – 20 of each exercise. Rotated the exercises through the PAX. Repeatos were allowed, but NO burpees. Each mailbox (left & right) were counted. Did not realize how close and how far some mailboxes were from each other. During the workout YHC got really confused on how many forward and back, but Nancy Lopez corrected me as he stated he was a huge fan of Paula Abdul – waiting on confirmation from reliable sources he was president of the national Paula Abdul fan club. If you can stomach watching the entire video, she starts by saying two forward, one back. Then she states two forward two back. The 80’s are so great and confusing. LOL

We got through ~1/2 of the main block before audible had to be called. and back to the flag for 3 minutes of mary.

YHC took us out. Continued prayers for Nancy’s mom and Honeymoon’s dad!


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