Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



10 pax showed up for a last minute Q from Roger Roger. It was a nice morning to post. Here’s how it went-

mosey to the front of the school where we circled up and did:

arm circles, reverso, side straddle hops, dead man hang, merkins, scorpion kicks.

The thang-

mosey to the soccer fields where we did bear crawls for 25 yards followed by 5 burpees, crab walk to 50 yard line 5 more burpees, bear crawl 75 yard line 5 more burpees, crab walk to 100 yard line with 5 more burpees.

turn around repeat 25/50/75/100 with alternating bear crawl and crab walk to include 20 mountain climbers on 25, 40 mountain climbers on 50, 60 WWIIs on 75, and complete with 80 WWIIs on 100.

mosey on to the baseball fields where we did an indigenous people run for 2 laps.

The pax then circled up around the pitchers mound where we did a SQEW YOU home run derby. The first on the mound calls an exercise and takes off running to home plate where they then run the bases and re enter the mound. Each pax called for an excercise, we had side straddle hops, squat jumps, flutter kicks, Superman’s, dive bomber merkins, lunges, imperial walkers! After the rounds of this the SQEW YOU came in. What you called your PaX to do you followed it up with 100 on your own of what you called.

DIPs on the bench for the 6.

lastly in the outfield to brush off the red clay we did 11s to include hand release merkins and flutter kicks in the fresh morning dew.

we were soaked in sweat, clay and dew!

mosey to the flag for announcements and prayer!

Thanks for the Q gents!


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  1. Thanks for picking up the Q brother – it was a great morning! Apple Turnovers with a Twist were a solid burn, and my choice of Dive Bomber merkins was duly regretted – many thanks to Fresh Prince, Draper, and Snuff for each taking 10 reps off my hundo. Love you guys – and thanks for making the FORGE a permanent establishment in RVA.

  2. That was a beastly Q RR — I hope I got to 80 WWIIs, but I think I blacked out at 56 so I’m not sure….