Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Did we spot a Karen in the wild?


Four New Market and one Salisbury residents showed up at SOT in four different cars. We waited patiently for Doublemint as he had signed up for Q, then magically it was removed. Off we mosey’d.

Wilson – Circle up for a hot potato Q. COP – 20 of each called out exercise. Then on to parking lot tracers. Yes its a big parking lot.

Honeymoon – Mosey to a dark heavily wooded entrance to the horseshoe. But as we were entering the dark hole, Marmaduke heard a noise and saw some green eyes (possibly a Karen in the wild). POG grabbed a rock and tossed it in to the woods to let whatever it was, we meant business! Honeymoon unphased, explained the exercises and into the darkness he went. Bullseye and I brought up the rear to ensure safety to the PAX! THink we did 4 rounds, but my bicepts still hurt so………yeah.

Marmaduke – Runner calls out exercise and PAX performs. Two rounds – that was a larger parking lot than expected. Some wall sits then mosey back.

Honeymoon took us out.


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