Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

You vs. You vs. Humidity


A fearless five emerged from the fartsack for First Watch. Somehow the rainstorm last night made things even more humid but we fought on:

COP: Invisible Jump ropes, Don Qs, Russian Soldiers, Merkins, LBCs (no time for Scorpion kicks)

11s: HRMs and Box Jumps. 50 Reverse Crunches. Run length of front of church between. Lunge alleyway to back entrance:

Dora 123: 100 Burpees, 200 LBCs, 300 Monkey Humpers. Mosey to other entrace: 20 Derkins, Bear Crawl then run rest of lot & LBCs. Crab Walk back. Mosey back to front of church for few min of Mary: Freddy Mercurys, Flutterkics, Heels2Heaven. Back to flag.

Announcements: Hill Run & HH next Wednesday 7/29 at YHCs place, see slack for info. Capital Trail CSAUP is coming but nobody knows any details…

NMS: Truly the dog days of summer, PAX was drenched in sweat in the COP. We had a perfect 4 PAX at 4:59 until Handshake rolled in to give YHC a prime number PAX.

Hardest part about the 11s to start was the bog part of the field right next to the bricks. Several PAX got stuck in this Swamp of Sadness but nobody was overcome by the sadness and sank in like Artax from the Neverending Story did.

The veteran PAX of First Watch is always game for a challenge but there was a hint of mutiny in the air when the 100 burpees were called. Luckily we got started and knocked them out. Worse than burpees are high volume Monkey Jumpers then having to run. Hutton did remark Monkey Humpers are harder when not done in Saab’s driveway.

Good to see Last Call knows how to find the AO and he is now a regular, especially impressive as he has to cross the James to get to the AO while other Tuckahoe vets who live a 7-iron golf shot away from the AO stay in the fartsack.


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  1. To be exact, I said Monkey Humpers are a lot more fun in Saab’s driveway.

    The tank is fully drained. Ready for a few days of fartsacks.

  2. Sorry for the misquote. meant to write what you said.

    Debated calling off the 100 burpees and taking us back over to the bog up by the front to get us soaked as punishment. luckily handshake can knock out burpees fast.