Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Jim Morrison


8 truth seekers decided to escape the warm clutches of the fart sack and start the day the hard way. According to the people honking as they went by, this is how it went down.

3 solo cars and New Market clown car in with plenty of time. Marmaduke in at the buzzer and we were off! Mosey down the stairs to the field for some


  • SSH
  • Helicopters
  • Don Quixote
  • Dying Cockroach
  • Flutter Kicks
  • Merkins

Mosey to bottom of hill, Bear Crawl to the top, Al Gore for the six. Then Bernie to the far corner of the school. Mosey to the front for:


“The doors” (not a dora): at each door you do an exercise. The number on the door is the number of reps. Each PAX took turns calling out the exercise, 5 doors at a time. YHC and POG were thinking alike so doors 1-10 were all burpees. Other exercises included, Merkins, squats, solo sword play, Carolina dry docks, and LBCs. Excellent work and variety from the PAX on this one! Mosey down the hill for:


“Two-ba-four”: YHC called a triple check but with 8 pax it turned into a quadruple check. With time being a factor it turned into 2 rounds at each station. Exercises were People’s Chair, Incline Merkins, Pole Smokers, and timer ran up the hill and back down.

Mosey BTTF right on time for names, numbers, announcements (see below), YHC took us out. You guys are awesome, have a great one!


YHC did get a bit excited at the chance to name the modified triple check a 2×4. This is a southern term learned from YHCs father for any length/width of lumber. His love for sayings is something that has been passed on. Others he imparted include “Let it be like water on a duck’s back”, “never look a gift horse in the mouth”, and “colder than a witches tit in a hail storm”.


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  1. Announcements:
    -Puppy Pile at NOTOLL, August 9th at 7am
    -3rd F on zoom, August 4th at 8pm