Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Two city dwellers, an SOJ, and a down range PAX walk into a park…


4 warriors of the gloom arrived to Batteau looking to explore one of RVAs beautiful parks. Unfortunately (fortunately?) they were distracted by some burpees along the way. Q sheet was empty today so a hot potato was in order for the day!

COP (EF Hutton)

Mosey to a lower area between two sets of stairs for various excercises including:

  • SSH
  • Imperial Walkers
  • Helicopters
  • Flutter kicks
  • Merkins

THANG 1 (EF Hutton)

Mosey to the pond for a lap and 2 burpees at each lamp post. Stay there and 2 rounds in cadence of step up/kicks, feelings, and dips on the adjacent picnic tables. Toss the potato.

THANG 2 (Faceplant)

Conveyor belt type deal with 1 PAX doing flutter kicks at top of closest hill, 1 doing LBCs, 1 doing squats, 1 running hill to relieve the PAX doing flutters. 2 rounds each. Mosey to top of hill by way of lunges to first light pole, pause for 20 merkins. Bear crawl to next light pole, then 10 burpees OYO. Toss the potato

THANG 3 (Boberry)

Mosey through the woods to near pickle ball courts. Grab a coupon (rock) for various exercises while other half of the PAX runs to light pole and Bernie back to the bottom. Exercises included:

  • Cusak squats
  • Standing chest press
  • Man-maker merkins
  • The Lion King

Mosey BTTF for a few minutes of Mary. Numberama, Namerama, EF Hutton took us out.

If you have not posted to Batteau before YHC would suggest you are careful of missing bricks on the path and stairs as well as the aggressive curbing in the “parking lot”. Also ask Faceplant about a new way to avoid the gnats.
Enjoyed the conversation with the PAX today. Shoutout to Posse for posting down range from CLT. As Posse said, EF Hutton your day can only get better. SYITG gents!


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  1. Thanks for posting Boberry. Good to have Posse in visiting.

    All fixed up, managed to get by replacing the one tire.