Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



5 bilingual redwoods arrived on the sprawling campus of Betty Weaver Elementary School to tackle a long awaited Twin Team VQ for YHC. 5.30 and 4 were about to head off when headlights appeared in the distance. Pigskin, making the trek from Charlotte, came in hot to join the party. Tales have been spread over time but this is how it will be remembered.

Mosey down the James River High parking lot for COT. SSH, DQ’s and Helicopters were on the menu. Warm? lets get to the main course.

Mosey over to the Swamp to utilize the Field for a Beast with the following exercises: plankjacks, doubletap merkins, WWII’s, squats, calf raises, burpees. Everyone looked good, continue on to the parking lot.

5 corners in the parking lot starting at 10 and continuing to 50 count. Exercises included merkins, 2 count American hammers, jump squats, mountain climbers, then up the hill to finish with lbc’s.

Mosey to the back of the school for Bear Crawl Ladder. PAX up against the building alternating between peoples chair and balls to the wall. 1 person bear crawls to the opposite curb and rejoins PAX at the end. 2nd person begins bear crawl. Round 2 switched to lunges.


No announcements or prayers today, YHC took us out.

During COT, Pigskin and Mr. Holland were alternating counts between German and Spanish. YHC can hardly speak English with Math also being a challenge, making it difficult to determine when to stop. This gave us the German title (tclaps to Google Translate).

Welcome Pigskin, up from Charlotte visiting his family and possibly relocating to Richmond in the future. Turns out Mr. Holland and Pigskin are long lost distant family friends and possibly cousins from Mathews county. Small world.

Enjoyed working with you gentleman this morning. YHC has been looking to Q Twin Team for a while since Doozy brought me out a few months ago. Happy to avoid the Twin Team hill but only assume it will be revisited in upcoming AO’s. Stay safe this weekend and seize the day.


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