Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

This Little Light of Mine


A studly seven gloomschool pupils posted to WDog this morning for their midterm exams – here’s how they got straight A’s…


COP #1:

  • Mosey to 1st Grass Circle
  • Welcome & F3 Disclaimer
  • Nancy Kerrigans x10 ea leg
  • DQ x10 
  • Opus x10
  • Hairy Rockettes x10
  • AmHam x20
  • FreddieM x20

COP #2:

  • Mosey to Penny Stage
  • Carry Coupons back to Carillon Field
  • Tea Party Twists – Partner up and sit back to back in People’s Chair. Twist to pass coupon around x10 rotations. Repeato x3 sets, each set followed by Wheelbarrow across field width & back.
  • Block Curls x10 IC

COP #3:

  • Carry coupons to Love Hill 
  • LINDSEY (*Carrying Coupon):
  • Bottom:  Incline M’s on Block x30 —> x10
  • Top: Flutter Kicks (2-ct) with Block held overhead x10 —> x30
  • Mosey behind the Amphitheater 
  • Lunge from bottom to top of the Bowl
  • *Hardywood Q* – plank, resting core on block, x10 arm circles IC 
  • Return coupons to the Stage

COP #4:

  • Mosey back to Grass Circle
  • Indigenous Peoples Curb Crawl: PAX Carousel Planks around circle curb, last man completes 3 Burpees then runs to the front …continued until all PAX have completed a set of burpees

COP #5:

  • Mosey to the DTHmobile to collect frisbee
  • Frisbee Fifteens:  Frisbee is thrown, first man to reach frisbee calls exercise, PAX completes x15 then same man is next to throw frisbee. Repeato until times up…
  • Completed exercises included: Merkins, LBC’s, SSH’s, AmHam’s, Squats, Flutters, WWII’s, Werkins, CNMerkins, AND Burpees (thx Swirly)

Mosey BTTF for COT:

  • Counterama # 7
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out in Prayer


  • It was gloomy. It was muggy. It was exhausting. But can darkness and negativity exist in the presence of Hardywood? Hell No! It’s literally impossible not have fun when Hardwood combines wheelbarrows with singing “this little light of mine – I’m gonna let it shine”…OK OK, he was raging to some screamo-ska-metallica musical ditty, but still… YHC had a blast with you guys this morning- thanks for putting in the hard work! SYITG

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  1. – Hardywood’s Homework: Reach out to TWO brothers today – let them know you are thinking of them, invite them to join you at a workout.
    – Ultimate Frisbee next week at Heartbreak Ridge (7/21)
    – COMING SOON – Check out the Preblast for F3RVA’s very own Capitol Trail version of BRR!!!
    – Save The Date – SOJ PuppyPile #2 slated for 8/16

  2. Freaking phenomenal workout DTH. I am totally smoked. Shiplap, it is great to have you out brother. Bodos is apparently praying more or juicing because the brother was ON FIRE this morning….I’ll have what he’s having. Mr. Holland has fantastic taste in music and his kids are gonna be just fine in this world. Swirly is the best coach I ever had. I may like Hitchhiker better now that he’s not a cougar mom. Cooper is the most disciplined man I know.

  3. awesome morning guys! Hardywood, thanks for your comic relief to get through some misery.