Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The Second Half


A pack of six mosey’d over to the grassy triangle for COP. Helicopter, Don Quixote, Imperial Walkers, SSH, and Scorpion Kicks were the exercise du jour. At one point I thought I saw eyes looking up at me and decided against foreboding copperhead squats.

Down Westham Station for “Side Street Lindsays”. At every intersection, we perform a set. Exercises were Box Cutters and Carolina Dry Docks.

At the flats by the canal, we partnered up for some Dora. Run a tenth of a mile down and back while your partner does 100 merkins, 200 monkey jumpers, and 300 flutter kicks.

Hang a left on old bridge heading up hill. Partner 1 runs the hill to the first intersection and back to partner 2. Partner 2 performs walking lunges, broad jump burpees, and bunny hops.

We had so much fun we did it again as we turned on Highland, but this time with bear crawls and reverse lunges. Hutton has a true bear crawl gift as he made it to the top had a beer, took a nap, and woke to greet us when we arrived.

Long mosey up the hill and along River. Stop for some Mary in Saab’s driveway (APD, right oblique crunches, left oblique crunches).

Back to the AO where YHC took us out.

This year is roughly halfway done and its been a crazy one so far. How are you going to get the most out of the second half?



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  1. Tough Q Lockjaw. This has to be the earliest a backblast has been published. Anyone keeping track of that?

  2. Nice one, LJ! Nice partnering with you. I hate bear crawls. Nice to see six out early! Second half of 2020, count your blessings, men!

  3. Good distance covered today Lockjaw. Also great to see the pony tail is close to reality.

    Let’s forget about the first half and win the second half!

  4. Next time we will cover the shortest distance with the entire AO in Saab’s yard.

  5. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    Great starting the day with y’all.

    First Watch is the best watch.