Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

SOJ is Ultimately Cooler!


A perfect 14-count Pax posted to NoToll for a little Ultimate Frisbee today. All present were honored to have the one and only LabRat back out in the gloom after a long quarantine hiatus. YHC led a brief Warmerama COP while Labrat set the cones, and we divvied up black shirts against everyone else, making a perfect seven-V-seven split. In honor of today’s date, YHC called 6 burpees each time a team scored, while the losers would walk the field and complete 30 LBC’s. From the very start the men in black demonstrated an uncanny capacity for effective short throws winning a steady stream of touchdowns and burpees. The other-colored gentlemen also put together a few handsome plays to get their share of burpees and prevent the all blacks from a shutout. All together we saw some very impressive skills from our veternas Labrat and DK, while a few other men made their mark for quality throws (Snuff), defensive picks (Draper), sliding touchdown (Flange), and of course the trifecta of Fresh Prince’s speed, vertical jump, and flawless frisebee handling (having NEVER played before – whatta natural?). Sorry if I forgot to mention many of the other lads’ phenomenal plays and touchdowns. The men in black were in double digits for touchdowns and at least 70 burpees by the end. All present were entirely drenched in sweat, field dew, and sticky humidity by the end of an exceptionally enjoyable morning. Thanks for letting me lead fellas – we’ll do this another 1-2 times this summer at NoToll and/or Heartbreak Ridge. 

Mosey BTTF for COT:

  • Counterama #14
  • Namerama
  • Announcerama (see Comments)
  • YHC took us out in Prayer

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  1. – Convergence THIS Saturday, 7/4, from 6-7am at NoToll – Hardywood has promised alpaca rides…
    – SOJ PuppyPile 7/12 from 7-8am at NoToll
    – Get in touch w Labrat if you want to play some pick-up Ultimate around RVA

  2. I do think we need to put a little more thought into splitting the teams to be somewhat even. Speed, height and age advantages can’t all go on one side of the field. Age this time might have been somewhat even. If this where a tug of war we would for sure have kicked your tails. Five of us would have sat and drank coffee while we watched Last Call and Bone Thugs pull your team back and forth across the line. Either that or the next time we play ultimate with the medicine ball rather than the frisbee.