Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

I Feel Like I Ran Last Friday


Oh Yeah… I did.

YHC joined Gomer for a jaunt around Currahee. We did what YHC will call was “The Standard Route”. It can be standard as it was my first venture out to Currahee and can only assume it is similar to the Grove Ave route at RAMM, only better.

Currahee is a good variation on the running routine. YHC suggests any of the running regulars try it out.

Great running with Gomer. We discussed all sorts of current events.


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  1. Nice run and BB Splinter. Upon reflection less pontificating is probably better. Thanks for sharing.

    The best thing about Currahee is that once you have rested from the last little incline, there is another.

    Come on out.

    Gitty up.

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