Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



11 strong posted this morning @ Mary and here is how it went down.

Field trip over to the church :

COP – SSH, IW’s, Windmills, Helicopters, Plank – merkins – flutter kicks – LBC’s.

Benches : 26 Abyss merkins 26 dips run to the end of the parking lot 26 WWII’s repeat 3 times .

Double Check : Partner up – 1 partner run to the circle – bear crawl the circle – run to the end of the parking lot and back to partners. Partners are doing LBC’s and LT. Dans !

Lunge across the parking lot – then mossy back to Mary.

5 pull ups – pax doing incline merkins around the horn – swithc to dips and repeat .

Mossy to the flag – 26 merkins = Boom !

Great job this morning guys thanks for allowing me to lead. Shout out to Splinter for the extra miles this morning. Nice to see double digits at Mary again ! Always good to have TYA join us at the end – he is right my M is a Saint for hanging with me for 26 years – I’m truly a blessed man! Thanks to Handshake for recording the pax. Thanks to Circle K for taking us out.

Swirly’s Board today : Do just once what others say you can’t do and you will never again pay attention to the limitations that they put on you. Believe – Succeed !

See y’all in the gloom…


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  1. Great workout today Swirly. Enjoyed the adaptation and change of scenery.

    26 abyss merkins are no joke. Probably how your M feels about 26 years with you.

  2. Big Tennessee on

    9 months away from 45MOM and came on a field trip day. Good to have the familiar soreness. Happy anniversary, Swirly!