Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

F3 working out and saving the county money!!


YHC saw the open Q spot and after No Toll’s Doozy led Burpeefest I thought grab it to ensure no burpees. The clock struck 530 and the Pax was off.

Mosey to the front parking lot for COP. COP consisted of: SSH 20, DQ’s 10, Jazzercise 10, Helicopters 10, Arm circle 15 +Reverso. Merkins 15, Dollies 15, Rosalita’s 15. Mosey around back of school to track.

Each round consisted of 20 squats, 20 Merkins, 20 LBC’s then up stairs across top, down stairs, and back to starting point. We did 5 rounds. Then a triple check with same running route and squats/merkins. BTTF and YHC took us out.

Prayers to Honeymoon’s dad starting his road to good health. Prayers to YHC’s Mom who had skin cancer found and goes Monday for a thorough evaluation.

Convergence July 4th at No Toll. Hardy wood has the Q.

Pee Dee brought up how the trash trucks continue to roll into the schools on regular schedule and the HVAC systems continue to roar and we wondered if the county could be saving some tax money with no one in the schools. PeeDee may write a letter.


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  1. Thanks for pushing me this morning. Great morning to get better. Make today awesome.

  2. I walk around Tuckahoe Middle School all the time these days. Just yesterday I walked past several classrooms where the door was propped wide open and I could feel the ice cold air coming out. Had the same thought about the waste of tax dollars.