Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Three Line Exercise


10 godly men, including one from NC gathered this morning for beat down. Here is how it went:

Deadman hang x10, Crossing leg stretch x10, Don Quixotes x10, Helicopters x10, Merkins x10, Scorpion kick x10, LBC x10, Arm circle x10, American Hammers x10

The Thang
Short moseyed over to one corner of the basket ball court. First exercise was four corners: 1st round 10 merkins at each corner, 2nd round 10 WWII at each corner, 3rd round 20 jump squats at each corner, and 4th round 5 burpees at each corner.

Moseyed over to the tennis court. 2nd exercise was three lines, PAX lined up along baseline of the court. 20 American hammers on one side of baseline, bear-crawled to the net, 10 walkout-merkins on the net, bear-crawled to the other side of the baseline, 20 LBC on the baseline, bear-crawled back to the net, 10 walkout-merkins on the net, and bear-crawled back to the starting line and 20 American hammers. This is consider 1 round and we did 3 rounds.

Moseyed over to the tennis court side and we did mini Dora: 30 burpees, 60 SSH, and 90 flutter kicks.

Moseyed back to where we started and did a quick ring of fire with variants of 5 merkins OYO.

Fourth of July Convergence at No Toll 6:00 am
Happy Hour at Kubota’s next Wednesday

Numbers, names, announcements, prayer requests, YHC took us out.


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  1. Great workout Hitchhiker! Thanks for stepping up to lead. Those rounds on the tennis court were no joke.