Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Drafters Beware


Fifteen spiderlings gathered in the mist to wait for instructions on today’s route. Much to the pleasure of a few of our PAX, instructions indeed came. The original Devil’s Pitchfork was called. We waiting until PRECISELY 5:30 before departing for:

The Route

  • Head through the Eco Corridor and head west on Westham Station
  • Right on Panorama and return at River
  • Right on Westham Station and right on Old Bridge
  • Head right at the fork up Highland and follow up to River
  • 4s return and head home
  • 5s take a right at the bottom of the hill and take Old Bridge to the end
  • 5s return back, doubling up on Panorama on the way back
  • 6s take a right on Westham Station and follow South Ridge to the light at River
  • 6s return via Westam Station taking no diversions

Numbers, names, very few announcements and YHC took us out.

Great morning for a run. Personally, YHC finally felt halfway descent about a run. Thanks to Saab for not turning on the afterburners and keeping YHC company for most of the route.

Faceplant’s drafting strategy almost backfired at the start of the eco corridor. When you draft behind YHC and YHC suddenly steps right to avoid a 6×6 post, you may catch an obstruction directly in the jewels. Drafters Beware!

Some of the PAX were a little testy this AM. Some expected intervals and were disappointed, some didn’t participate in the circle of instructions and then complained about not being greeted this morning, and some griped about YHCs call of Devil’s Pitchfork not being creative enough.

Guess what!? There is a Q signup sheet where anyone can sign up to lead. YHC signed up yesterday as it was still open. Well good news! Someone already signed up for next week so you will have to wait another week to express your creativity on Spider Run.

SYITG – Splinter