Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Two left handed gloves and bugs


YHC looked at the morning temperature greeting with the morning alarm and it was 75 with humidity, shaping up for a tough workout for 6 who showed up for a WDog hump day beat down and here is how it went down:


Mosey to first crop circle (YHC realizes he has 2 left handed gloves…great) we do a lap and circle up for the following:

20 SSH, 10 DQ, 15 Imperial Walkers, 10 Russian soldiers, 20 LBCs (10 4 count), 10 Reverse Scorpions, 10 Scorpions and 20 merkins.


YHC decided to mosey down to the pipe loop via the triangle road, down to the pipe loop location. It was daylight so we divided into 2 groups of 3 for a triple check. Partner 1 – Ran the pipe loop as the timer, Partner 2 performed LBC’s and Partner 3 performed squats. We rotated 3 times for the triple check.

Next we start to go back up the hill by performing walking lunges to the first light pole, light jog(mosey) to the second pole, then walking lunges to the 3rd pole, mosey to 4th pole and continued rotation to the bottom of the Triangle hill(during this effort, Faceplant was looking out for the group by personally inhaling a large bug that came close…hope you cleared this out after our morning fun). We get to the bottom of the Triangle Bernie Saunders to the top and mosey to the stage for the Coupons.

We divide into two groups by numbering off 1 and 2 and the 1’s carry the coupon and touch 5 trees while the 2’s do the sit-up press until 1’s return. We switch where the 2’s carry the coupon and touch 5 trees while the 1’s perform the sit up press. We had time for one rotation and then moseyed to the flag for Mary.


We return to perform some stretching for about 90 seconds and that is the end of the workout.


Numberama, Namerama and discussed the upcoming events such as the Hump Day Happy Hour coming up on June 24 at Kubota’s residence, check out the pre-blast with the particulars. We also discussed the July 4 convergence where Hardywood and DTH will be leading this effort and with that combo should be shaping up for a great beatdown.


We had a healthy discussion on the current events and what is going on during the COVID-19 crisis, the recent rioting and family life. These are stressful times and our modified work life only compounds the stress that ‘filling our buckets’. We talked about how F3 helps to lighten this load and brings some balance to our lives. Our day gets off on a positive start when we get together for a workout, many times we want to stay in bed, but knowing others are going to be there motivates us to jump in. That victory feeling you experience when you approach the flag after a workout only emboldens your future decisions to rise up and get going.

Thank you for attending today as it is an honor to lead. Have a great day…Cheers…CB


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