Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Phase I Commence: Serpentine


12 runners braved the heat and beat the pavement.

Serpentine route:

Everyone – Right on Grove, left on Hamilton, left on Hanover, run to the road ends (D street maybe). Take a right and next right on Stuart, run until it deadends at Hamilton. Take a left on Hamilton and left on Kensington.

4s – turn left back up Commonwealth to the school.

5s – take Kensington until it deadends again, turn right up and run up the little alleyway until it turns to Leonard (?) and right on Commonwealth back to the school.

Long run Pax- TBD.

Felt like the heat of summer today boys. Hopefully we get a few cooler days before this becomes the normal. Good to see some of the regulars back out after a long absence – Lab Rat, Lug Nut, Shakedown.

Prayers to Shake as he heads off to surgery Monday.

Tclaps for TYA’s sister who survived the Rona at 103 and slugged back a cold one to celebrate. And yes, of course she’s a Masshole.

Jennie Stejna



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  1. Thanks brother- I plan to come back better than ever. Might take a minute but y’all know I’ve got the stubbornness 😜