Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Repeating a grade


Six warriors rose to meet the challenge of the day which was a Nancy Q. Rain was in the forecast but no rain was found on this sunny and 72 degree morning. YHC had looked for a new routine and found the Billy Madison so away we went.

COP 21’s did not end in unison 1st time (YHC’s fault) so 20 merkins and try again. Second time the PAX nailed it. 10 DQ’s, 10 Jazzercise (you gotta get that trail leg up and move it ladies), 10 IW’s, 10 Hillbillies’s (Hermie really enjoyed these), 10 Merkins, 10 flutters, 20 LBC’s. Attempted to do 10 Clam diggers (side plank open legs) but PAX was too confused or maybe YHC’s direction was too confusing.

Billy Madison. Billy completed 12 grades so we would do 12 exercises called by Q Run lap around parking lot, repeato 1st and add a 2nd. Continue that progress for all 12 grades. That took us to within 2 minutes. A Quick 50 merkins and a stretches to the flag.

Prayers to my great aunt Jean who passed yesterday (93 years young), Prayers to neighbor Greg’s dad (Bypass surgery). YHC took us out. Always honored to lead.


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  1. Nancy Lopez on

    Owe forgot Wilson suckered us in to power washing the pool area on Friday. Getting it ready to open in August!!!

  2. HAHA! No suckering. It was the lure of beer with the fellas that is bringing you to power wash the pool deck……..set to open in 2021!