Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Wait for Me!!


YHC broke out of the fart sack very late and was running about 3 minutes behind. As YHC rounded Wilson’s corner he saw 2 studs in neon yellow (HM and POG +said dog) breezing up Devil’s hill past HM’s corner. YHC continued to flag expecting to see some other PAX COP in progress. Text chat the night prior showed a commitment of others but none had pulled out of fartsack. So I go alone…

COP 25 SSH, 20 IW’;s, 10 DQ’s, 10 cherry pickers, 20 merkins, 20 WWII’s

The work

Run with battery of excercises at each intersection.

Battery 1 20 each merkins, WWII’s, IW’s

Battery 2 20 each Dolly, Rosy, Flutters.

Alternate on run. Met back up with HM and POG at Tbone intersection but YHC knew not to follow, keeping up would be to tough a challenge. YHC continued to his corner then down pipeline to fox swamp to Otterdale and back through the neighborhood.

No back to flag. Each PAX took themselves out. Enjoy the day and make it awesome!!


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