Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny



10 strong showed up at Hoedown, most expecting a Wojo Q & YHC a week early mistakenly expecting a Plate Q. All worked out for an astoundingly smooth “spontaneous” Garbage Plate hot potato takeover.

COP: 15x SSH, 10x HC, 10x IW, 15x LBC, 10x HRMK, 10x Scorpion kicks in perfect form

Mosey to West Drive Circle for a Dora: 100 Merkins, 200 Squats, 300 LBC

Head back to Hoedown central for a cinderblock coupon quickie:
Round 1: run across parking lot and Bernie up asphalt hill while partners alternate with cinder swings, curls, overhead presses & dips.
Round 2: bear crawl/crawl bear to arrows while partners coupon press & coupon WWII. 2x. Ditch the coupons and mosey to the back field

Memorial Murph prep: Partner one DK/MH/DK by school while timer partner runs across field for pull up sets of 10/8/10

Mosey back to the flag, stopping for a quick 2x round of 8 jerkins/reverse crunches. At the flag circle up for 20x each of round robin Mary including American Hammers, 6 inches, LBC, APD, & side to side toe touches.

Namerama, Numberama, Announcements (Memorial Murph) and YHC took us out. A suggestion was made for consideration by corporate of splitting the Memorial Murph into several AO locations due to space.

Enjoy the day gents!


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  1. Who would dare NoShow on a Hoedown Q? Also a nice happy coincidence that you just happened to have a bunch of Coupons in your truck.

    Nice to have a large but legal PAX out. 10 is the new 18…