Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Cover your plants


Morning frost on a May Saturday did little to stop 10 + 1 PAX members from posting to GridIron. Moving start by spreading out in the parking lot, picking a lateral line, and jogging forward and backpedaling for about five minutes. Circle up and complete 15 x Imperial Walkers, 15 x Don Quixotes, 15 x Helicopters, 10 x Suzanne Somers, 15 x Back Bridge with Reach (APD with accessory move), and 15 x Carolina Dry Docks.

Mosey across the football field to the school bus driveway. Line up, spread out, and plank facing east. Last guy in line Bear Crawls to the front of the line. Continue for one full round.

Jog to the front door of the school for Donkey Kong medley. Ten Donkey Kicks then mosey across the front driveway to the far sidewalk and complete 20 Monkey Humpers. On the way back to the school, one Standing Broad Jump across the curb line. Repeat, adding one Standing Broad Jump each round until 10 rounds are done.

Move back across the driveway to the field for Jack Webb with Chaser. You know this sequence – one Merkin and four Overhead Presses, but add eight Arm Circles (your choice of direction). Second round with 2/8/16. And so on, maintaining the same ratio. Completed 11 rounds, finishing with 11/44/88. Remain in place for a round of Dealer’s Choice Mary and one Ring of Fire round. Follow with a few minutes of stretching.

Mosey back to the virtual ShovelFlag for COT and Attila took us out.

Nice work guys.


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