Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Moveable Dora


7 lucky guys came out to meet moveable Dora today.

Short Mosey

COP — merkins, cherry pickers, ball dippers, diamond merkins, crabcakes, copperhead squats, DQ’s, smurf jacks, tempo merkins

Moveable Dora
normal dora rules 100 merkins, 200 SSH, 300 squats
except Person #1 runs to the next light post while person #2 does the exercise. When #2 sees #1 hit the next light post and start exercising, #2 runs to #1 and so on and so forth.

to the Poles
Everyone holds a post — one person does ten leg lifts then runs to the end. We did one round of these.

Triple Check
Mountain Donkeys
30 merkins is the timer

Lunging Lindseys
10 and 30, 15 and 25, … you know the drill
start with 10 monkey humpers and 30 merkins.
lunge in between each exercise

2/3 of a lazy dora
100 merkins with plank
200 lbc’s with holding 6 inches

One person picks a spot to run to. First person to the spot starts doing an exercise. All else join in.

Back to the flag

Numbers, Names, Announcements

Good to see this group of guys this crisp fall morning. or is it winter? who knows? Why do we do this? To get stronger, yes but also to encourage others to dig deep. We have to decide whether we want to do things the easy way or the right way. If we stick to easy all the time, there is no challenge in life — everything seems to be going our way and there is little push back against our way of thinking or doing things. If we choose the other route and try to challenge ourselves to do the right thing, yes things get harder but life is so much more rewarding. Challenge yourself this week to go above and beyond for your wife, your kids, etc. Know that you have chosen the better path.



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  1. What a beatdown this morning Opus. After alternating between planks and merkins and mountain donkeys and merkinis, I might have trouble pushing myself out of bed tomorrow. Well done!