Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The other side of the tracks


All ran in so no warm up mosey. COP was 35 DDH, 10 DQ’s, 15 Arm circles X reverso, 10 Helicopters, 20 Imperial walkers, 10 Jazzercise, 10 Merkins, 10 Dollies, 10 Rosalita’s, 10 flutter kicks,. Mosey to Honeymoon’s corner.

Native American run to main entrance dropping for 5 merkins, completed 2 round as.

Main entrance run to the 4 intersections. Starting with 20 merkins at first back to start, 20 WWII’s at second doing prostitute style, 20 Carolina dry docks at 3rd and 20 squats at last. Stay at last. That was rough, YHC wondered what a$$hole called out this battery? Honeymoon and POG came back for the six and then we moseyed back to the flag. Grab a coupon for some rock work. Curls, overhead press, triceps-20 each x 2 rounds adding squats on second. 1 round of 20 helicopters with coupon. Duke counted down from 20 (really fast so time for 1 more full battery. Back to flag and a quick ring of fire X10 merkins.

Nice work this morning gents! YHC looks forward to getting out of bed everyday and getting better with all of you. YHC looks forward to getting back to the full PAX and seeing all in the gloom. Prayers for Honeymoon’s dad and for one of my peers going through cancer. Tough time to be in hospital with no one able to visit. Hermie took us out in prayer. Make today Awesome!


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  1. Wilson_RVA on

    Nancy has become a beat down pro. This is one of those times I am happy the Fartsack took hold. Good work fellas. The prostitute 4 corners in NM is brutal.