Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Like Choking a Goose


A strictly legal number of gents descended upon UR to get a run in on what turned out to be a perfect morning.


From Commons, take the Eco-Corridor (aka Batcave) to RR Shopping Center, the Westham Station along the canal, up Ridge Rd. to River.

Dog-leg left to Gaymont. Take to the end until it intersects with University.

4 Milers: Take right on University, cross Ridge to Westham Pkwy. Left on Pkwy then right on Lakewood. Lakewood down to College (near lake). Run up to Robins Center parking lot then down to lake. Cross bridge then counterclockwise to Commons

5 and 6 Milers: Left on University to end, quick right then left back onto University which turns into Ziontown.

5 Milers: Take right on Holmes avenue to Ridge. Cross Ridge to Sunset. Sunset to Westham Parkway. Go straight (right) to University. Take University to College (near lake). Up to Robins center then down to lake (see 4-miler finish)

6 Milers: Ziontown to Ridge, then cutover near shopping center to Forest. Forest to Lindsay. Lindsay to Westham Pkwy. Head north to Waveny. Waveny to Wood. Wood to Lakewood. (see 4-miler for finish)


Deep Run-Run on Friday (see Gomer)

Prayer and guidance for those who are having challenges on the home front during these difficult times…

Congratulations to TYA, Olivander and his M, on their completion of the inaugural Quarantine 50 miler from Richmond to W-Burg last Saturday.

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  1. Swirly (F3 Corporate) on

    Absolutely gorgeous run this morning – great job guys – enjoyed it !
    See y’all in the gloom..

  2. Doublemint on

    Great route Saab. Hitchhiker, thanks for the push on the extra credit lap around the lake.

    Carpe anser, gents


  3. Thanks for the route Saab, this is a good one. Apparently, I enjoy the challenge of scrambling up the middle route directions and seeing if I can still finish on time.

    Gitty Up.

  4. Great morning! Thanks Swirly and EF Hutton for keeping me distracted from the pain …
    I am going to show you guys that Swan Goose one of these days, dammit