Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Going Stag to the Batteau Prom …


After eight weeks of rehabbing a pissed-off piriformis, and armed with some gnarly COP fodder from his physical therapist, YHC decided it was time share the love. Rolling up to Batteau in an F3 tux (black shirt, black shorts), and with an F3 corsage (shovelflag), YHC realized at 05:29 that he’d be going to the dance solo. Here’s how it went:

Mosey to the stone circle for:

SingleOP – SSHs x 20, Don Quixotes x 10, Cherry Pickers x 10, Hello Dollies x 10. Here’s where it gets glute-a-riffic:

Alabama Prom Dates x 10

4 Count APDs (“Marching Glute Bridge” if you went to PT school. 1: up to APD postion, 2: left leg up to 90*, 3: switch legs, 4: recover) x 10.

Single Leg APDs x 10 each leg

Mosey to the boat house (burpee at each light post) for:


M.I.L.F. Lap [Dance?]

Merkins x 10; Imperial Walkers x 20; LBCs x 30; Freddie Mercuries x 40; take a lap up the stairs to Vinny’s Coupon Spot™ and back down.

Rinse and repeat for 10 sets. BTTF for:

Hands to Heaven x 10: This one is straight from Dr. TryHard’s mountain-top lab in PNG, where he’s working up some non-FDA approved fat killing vaccines to smuggle back stateside. Here’s the protocol for administering, per DTH:

“- Hands to Heaven (Inverse of Heels to Heaven… so from lying on your six with hands raised, sit up quickly to get weight over feet, then stand, hands remain above head so essentially getting from lying to standing without using hands…then sit and lie back down) “

So DTH must be the child of acrobat parents; or perhaps it was YHC’s beer gut getting in the way, but this Hands to Heaven thing was like a greased tapir getting out of a bathtub. YHC was reminded of some of the ukemi drills from his aikido days, so modified to a rolling Never Surrender. Me vs. me. YMMV

SingleOT: Prayers for strength, peace and courage to all the health care workers on the front lines for us (you too Flatty!); and for those of us on the front lines at home holding together families with so much uncertainty about jobs, bills, school and health.

NMMS: A solo beatdown is a different kind of challenge; but its also a chance to flex the “do what you promised you would do when nobody else is watching” muscle. Also got me thinking about the saying that the obstacle is the way — looked it up when I got back home: Marcus Aurelius; Meditations 5.20 “Now it is true that [difficulties]may impede my action, but they are no impediments to my affects and disposition, which have the power of acting conditionally and changing: for the mind converts and changes every hindrance to its activity into an aid; and so that which is a hindrance is made a furtherance to an act; and that which is an obstacle on the road helps us on this road.” Go get some!




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  1. Well done brother. Welcome to the solo post club. Check the box. It is definitely a different animal. Wish I could take credit for the coupon stash but that goes to Swirly or Sippy, or some other old timer. On the other hand, I will take credit for the Coupon Stache!