Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Frank Abagnale


10 PAX happened to form a circle around a man known as “Swirly” for something called a “Hot Potato” Q. Shortly thereafter, a deuce of Deuce and Probation formed a PAX of 2 with no worry of legal intervention for the 5-0 were pursuing Seymour on the Nickel Bridge and looking into an All Points Bulletin issued for a 5’8″ white male, light brown beard, bald, and sporting “Virginia” paraphrenalia, who responds to the names “Jason” and “Marmaduke.”

Here’s what went down, more or less:

COP, Swirly-Style:

Dead Man Hang
Mix of Wilson’s Wife, Fuddski, Yankee Aggressor, Southern Gentleman, and that devilish 3-inch “hold it” thing. 10 4-count merkins made for the icing on the cake.
Flutter kicks
Alabama Prom Dates

Kick it to Vinny for some traveling…mosey to the Pipe Line Loop for a Monstah Dora

100 Flutter kicks (meh)
200 jump squats (good burn)
300 merkins (ok, didn’t see that coming)

Al Gore for da’ Six

Flip it to Bone Thugs for Frank Abagnale (was that a VQ as well?)

Every now and again, someone who has the Q nails it. To put it another way, there are home runs (over the fence, a common Q achievement) and then there are HOME RUNS (hit the Facade at Yankee Stadium or the Warehouse at Camden Yards). That dude NAILED IT.

Bone Thugs called a version of Catch Me if You Can, only this was a single jack-rabbit being chased by the PAX (all ten of them). Vinny has dubbed this “Frank Abagnale,” after the check-kiter popularized by Leonardo DiCaprio. Once caught – nay, IF caught – 5 HRMs for each PAX member.


Vinny clearly has a criminal past. Brother can run like he stole something.
YHC, bum knee and all, should stick to white collar crime.
Hardywood was the John Rambo of the group, running off-road, up-hill.
Bone Thugs showed his newly found fleetness-of-foot
Somewhere in there, YHC believes that Hitchhiker and Snuff each smoked a bunch of the PAX.

That was awesome.

YHC took the PAX home with a Garbage Can Medley…20 ab exercises of each man’s choosing at each of 5 trash cans…run the traffic loop after each round.

Second time through, YHC took recommendations on which exercises were the most challenging…then the PAX did those on Round 2.

Some kind of toe-touching-V-up-murderous combination
Hardywood’s sitting arm-circle torture
Bench kicks (apparently, these are permitted even when Honeydo is not present)
American Hammers
Burpees (a lesser known ab exercise)

Mosey back to the Flag

Number-am-a, Name-a-ram-a, YHC took us out.


F3 is sponsoring a Hire-a-Dentist fundraiser…get in touch with Seymour or Deuce for directions on how to get your teeth cleaned and make a can of COVID-19 aerosol for a single co-pay.

Deuce is also sponsoring a Memorial Day Murph…run a mile, 100 pull-ups, 200 merkins, 300 squats, and another mile run, all with a 20 pound pack. See YHC for suggestions on how to make-your-own 20-pound pack.

Keep the folks who are having stress and anxiety during the pandemic in your thoughts…patience and mental support are the watchwords for good leadership these days.


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  1. Honestly, YHC almost fart-sacked to give his knee another day to heal…glad to have jumped in the car. Great morning to see you all.

  2. Awesome morning! Proud of my brother Bone Thugs for laying down Breakfast Club as well. He absolutely crushed it when he dropped the concept of Frank Abagnale on us. Vinny (oddly) can run – but only when chased. I can also sleep like a criminal, so says the two hour nap I took this afternoon.

    Shout to Seymour for how he’s handled the Coronavirus. Listen to his guest appearance on Bodo’s podcast. Real leadership.

  3. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    Sorry to miss this, but rather than fartsacking I posted with the Silver Foxes at Gridiron. It’s been a long time since I posted with a fully sunlight beatdown.