Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Lepi ubiqui


Two towering terrors met for a rainy 5 mile run around Deep Run.

Through the woods to Maremont, Raintree, Falconbridge, keep to the right around the lake and up the hill, down the hill around the parking lot to the right, cut through the woods to turtle run apts, Turtlecreek, Cox, Ridgefield, Raintree, Willowick, through the woods to Godwin.

NMS – We saw a rabbit in the gloom. Handshake sees them all the time in his neighborhood now. Ironically, on the way to the AO, YHC raced a rabbit driving down Church Road – he lost.

Brown Rabbit Photograph by Paul Scoullar
Silly rabbit

Announcements –

  • Memorial Day Murph – special location and time – stay tuned
  • Grand opening of the running AO Friday 5/8 at Mills Godwin HS. Submit your name suggestions >> here. <<


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  1. Gomer Pyle on

    Ha ha. At the point we go to the lake, It was raining so hard nothing was moving except handshake and I.