Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

No More April Fooling Around………


Three soldiers fought off the fartsack to what was rumored to be a rainy shit show. But………….not a surprise……….It’s Always Sunny & 70.

YHC knew if I did not sign up for the Q, I would be a victim to the fartsack. So against all my Pete Rose instinct (NM will get it), I sent the Q text and went to bed. Instead of meeting at the normal spot we met at Wilson’s.

YHC announced there would be NO COP and we would be getting straight into the work out. Cul De Sack Tour/Roulette. Each New Market cul de sack will be visited by the men to perform 10 of the called out exercise. Here is where the roulette comes in…the PAX decides (novel idea right – NEVER been done! LOL)

On the eighth cul de sack (last one) we stopped for some ground & pound with cinder blocks. YHC called out a penelty for the gazelle’s – On the run back to the clubhouse parking lot, the gazelle’s had to stop and perform ten SSH and turn around to find YHC. With three minutes left, we did some Mary.

Rosetta took us out. One month of quarentine down and hope and end is soon. Stay safe. I might have been halucinating, but did we see a unicorn???Great work this morning men.


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