Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Can you trademark a mile?


5 warriors rose from the various fart sacks this morning to sharpen themselves at the Forge. Here is how it went down:

Singer Mile Warm Up: Run down to the cul de sac and back catching the parking lots along the way for a cool 1 mile and fulfill the monthly challenge. YHC inadvertently named this the DTH mile but found out Wedding Singer pioneered this route. YHC soon found out hills suck.

COP 1: Circle up for 10 exercises: DQ’s, Helis, Cherry Pix, Merkins and Scorpian kicks

COP 2: Recently it seems 4 corners has replaced the Beast so why not bring it back. Moseyed to the middle parking lot for 6 stations of 6 exercises 6 times. Rounds included Double Tap Merkins, WWII’s, Mountain Climbers, American Hammers, Jump Squats and to the PAX relief Flutterkicks instead of Burpees.

COP 3: 5 man rotation: Each man on an exercise with timer running down the hill and bearcrawling back up. Exercises were incline merkins, LBC’s, Jump Squats, Crab Cakes.

COP 4: Still time on the clock allowed Doozy to introduce his Mankillers to a few of the PAX. Did the tough end of a 10 pack as time required an audible after 5.

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Bone Thugs 5k – Friday at RAMM

YHC took us out


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  1. Well done this morning gentleman. It was an honor leading you guys. Great to see some SOJ regulars. Keep pushing.

  2. I liked seeing the larger numbers of more than 2 PAX at the AOs this week. Thanks for leading Last Call