Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Nothing runs like a deer


Five warriors gathered in the gloom gather to celebrate earth day.

Mosey the long way to the amphitheater. COP

  • DQ
  • IW
  • Arm Circles
  • WW2 x49
  • LBC
  • Flutter kicks
  • Hello Dolly
  • Rosalita
  • Decline ABD
  • Decline PP
  • Superman
  • Bushwacker
  • plank stretching
  • Plank arm circles
  • Gomer-kin

Triple check Hallelujah run; iron chair; abs flutter, box cutter, six imches
Ladder starting at 18; Dips Vups

YHC took us out



Faceplate and YHC were running up love hill when a pack of five deer decided to cross right in front of us. YHC realized if we kept going we would split the pack. I was worried that the separated deer would crash right into Swirly or Bodos or Hitchhiker. Generally, I like to avoid creating F3 memories where the opportunity for major injuries are involved so we waited and grabbed the six.

But it does make me laugh to imagine Swirly squaring up on the deer for the incoming Take Down. The deer flies at him from the top rope. After a brief wrassle where Swirly manages to get the deer in a half Nelson, Swirly pops up looking down at the deer and shouts “Is that all ya got! Come on!” Dejected then doe scrambles up and scampers off.


YHC started F3 RVA 3 years ago despite telling Toga way early on – “Ive already done all that” and Flipper – “I already work out a bunch” When Fudd finally got me out- What an eye opener. Because of this group I have improved in Fitness, Fellowship, and Faith. More should have this. Each of us should have a Target FNG on our list

Thanks to the RVA PAX for supporting me personally through ups and downs. Let me know if I can ever help any of you.

Be excellent to each other.


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  1. Big Tennessee on

    Happy 3 yr, GP! I remember your first post. When the nicknames started flying around, your expression when we landed on Gomer Pyle was priceless. Glad you kept coming back and happy to know you, brother!

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