Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

The hottest of potatoes


A cool 5 of Heartbreaks finest warriors set out free their mind and exercise with no Q on the sheet and this is how it went.

COP – Atilla – going through a typical warmup, but throwing in his patented Suzanne Summers to work through his teenage fantasies

Exercise 1 – Atilla – Curb Crawls. Ascending from 1 to 6 and then back down to 1.

Exercise 2 – Handshake – 5 person double check. 5 men, 5 exercises, twice through for a total of 10. Person 1 runs around the loop, then person 2 Balls to the Wall, person 3 Stair Jumps, Person 4 LBC’s, Person 5 Flutter Kicks. 2 full rounds through.

Exercise 3 – Handshake – Mosey over to the Pemberton Elementary Bus Loop. 3 people start at the bottom of the loop and Polar Bear their way up the covered bus loop area while the last 2 Bernie Sanders from the top of the loop to the bottom to keep things socially distanced. Round 1 was Polar Bear, Round 2 was Crab Walk

NMS – Heartbreak has been fortunate to grow in numbers through the Corona pandemic, YHC has enjoyed seeing some new faces and faces that haven’t been seen in a while. YHC is glad to see Pucker in the fold and Seymore back in F3 action. Have a wonderful day, men.


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  1. Handshake (aka Elbow Bump) on

    Great way to start the morning. Pretty sure Atilla is back asleep already.