Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Island Adventure


4 of Daville’s finest arrvied at Altee HS for Tuesday edition of the gloom

This how it went down

Warmup – 1 mile run finishing up in the Chickahominy MS parking lot

COP (ALL IC) – DQ, Hillibillies, American Hammers, LBC, HRM, Scorpion Kicks, Arm Circles


Island Hopping – Complete 10 reps at the first parking lot island of an exercise. Lung to the next island and increase to 20 reps, bear crawl to the next island and increase to 30 reps. Rinse and Repeat for all 6 island (60 reps). Exercises were chosen by different PAX each around

Round 1 (Spit) – SSH
Round 2 (Bulkhead) – Burpees (he got the evil eye from everyone) switched to Jump Squats
Round 3 (Opus) – LBC’s
Round 4 (Spike) – Merkins (lowered to 5 rep increase due to time)

Mosey back to Atlee HS, Numberama, Namerama, Announcements, YHC took us out


It was good to back in the gloom. The Strep bug got YHC last week so this was the first time he could make it back out.

Mumble chatter was lite but we seem to get in some convo over the new Jordan special and YHC ask others thoughts in Tiger King.



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