Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

What? What is a MetroSexual?


Five studs met for a leisurely jaunt to Dogpile and back. 4 miles total.

Out Route: Cary > Robinson > Lake view > Swan Lake > Shields Lake > Shirley.

Back Route: Blanton > Shepherd > Cary > Thompson

Bodos took us out with great and truly apropos words, albeit far less words than this sentence.


A hilarious story told about a man v. raw oysters and how he let his wife take care of it in the end. At our cool down, Circle K demonstrated the finesse it takes to open a raw oyster for all to see.

I am not sure how it was worked in there but somehow BTS is the modern day Beatles – that caused some debate and comparisons with New Kids on the Block. I think it ended with a simple definition of the world.

“Take charge and do something” – Swirly


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  1. Thanks for the run today gents! 2 miles each way always goes so quick. Enjoy the day!

    Gitty up!