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NFL Draft Watch Party and F3 Draft for Virtual Relay: Two drafts in one night


Zoom call link: https://zoom.us/j/884657155 
Password: Already sent to PAX via e-mail. If you did not receive it, send an e-mail to HamptonRoads@F3nation.com

Competition #1: NFL Draft Pick’em and Watch Party

All PAX encouraged to dial in to the zoom call for the first five picks of the NFL draft. Not required, but most likely you will want to have the NFL draft playing in the background on your T.V.  


  • Before the NFL draft begins (Thursday, April 23, 8:00 p.m.), pick the top five picks in the NFL draft via the google form (https://forms.gle/3md65UPWmV61rDKc6).
  • One point for each of your picks that are selected within the top 5 (regardless of order).
  • One bonus point for each pick where you have it in the correct position. 
  • For example, if you pick the first pick in the NFL draft correctly, that is worth two points (1 for it being in the top five and 1 for having the pick in the right spot). If your prediction for the 4th overall pick is actually taken 3rd in the draft that is worth 1 point. 
  • Tiebreaker: Sudden death live pick’em on the Zoom call beginning with pick number 6 until only one person gets the selection right. Must be present on call to participate in tiebreaker.

Competition #2: F3 Virtual Relay with Teams Selected via F3 Virtual Draft

If you are willing to complete the below workout between Friday, April 24 and Friday, May 1, please sign up here (https://forms.gle/JmrAsmiHryvRkYkD7) as soon as possible. 

  • Workout: Two Rounds for Time
    • 10 burpees (Chest must touch the ground at the bottom, feet must come off of the ground and hands must go above the head at the top)
    • 20 Bonnie Blairs aka jumping lunges (10 each leg) (Knee must touch the ground)
    • 30 WWII Situps (Hands must touch the ground above the head and between the feet)
    • 400 m Run (This needs to be accurately measured via GPS, google maps, or local track. 400 m is one lap around a standard track.)
  • For complete instructions including exercise form, watch this video (https://youtu.be/ugoUOU1_CCc).

After completing the workout, you can enter your time here (https://forms.gle/avRVyRVC589YcAu59). The workout can be completed as many times as you wish during the week. Submit every time you complete the workout. Only your fastest time will be used for scoring. 

If interested in being one of the team captains (the person making the selections during the draft), please indicate that on the google form as well. 


  • The team captains will select teams during a virtual draft via a Zoom call on the same night as the NFL draft. The F3 draft will commence at 7:30 p.m. (NFL draft begins at 8:00 p.m.). Team captains should join the call at 7:20 p.m. to go over the rules, discuss any trades that have already happened, and to ensure we start the draft on time at 7:30 p.m.
    • All PAX can join the call to see the picks and trades, and boo the commissioner. 
  • Draft will follow a snake format (last pick in round 1 gets first pick in round 2). 
  • Trades (preferably before the selections) will be allowed and can be coordinated by the team captains before or during the draft. All trades must include the same number of picks so that teams have the same number of PAX. For example, team captain #1 can trade his first and fourth round pick for team captain #2’s second and third round pick. 
  • Each team must have at least one #Respect (above 50 years old). This selection can be made at any time during the draft. Team captains should consider this when developing your draft strategy. 
  • The final round will be a random draw of the remaining PAX. We will do this because no one wanted to get picked last during recess in elementary school and that has not changed since we all became adults. 
  • The winning team will be the team with the lowest combined time from the virtual relay. 
    • If teams do not have an equal number of PAX (e.g., 23 PAX sign up and we have four teams), we will figure out a way to not punish the team with more PAX. 

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