Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Gone Bunny Gone


5 bleary-eyed detectives picked up the Easter Bunny’s trail somewhere south of Robious. Trying to summon the little hopper with some kind of ridiculous rain dance including Don Quixotes, helicopters, imperial walkers, Russian soldiers and some other flailing nonsense disguised as a warmup. After a short plank we recovered to find that our exertions had in fact summoned a force even greater than the white rabbit: Bone Thug, dropped out of the sky like a teleporting legend quietly stealing the candy from baskets all over the south side.

The hophazard search for the golden egg continued across all 4 corners of the field, escalating from 20-30-40-50 mirkins, WW2s, flutterkicks and LBCs. With no Benjamin Bunny in sight, they went another round and quite by accident completed a mile.

Back in Mr. McGregor’s garden, a double check curb crawl / dips were paired with bear crawls / lunges. There were still some weeds in the radish patch so the group went one more round.

Driven to madness by the still-missing mythical creature, the detectives chose a darker rabbit hole: suicide-straddle hops across the entire parking lot, which continued until 6:15, at which point the collective hallucination ended and the men were able to get back to their daily quarantine, still half-believing that they had been visited by the hollowed-out shell of last year’s chocolate mold. Until next year…


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  1. Bear Crawls were brutal but following up with SSH suicides made my entire body hurt. Great Q and good work by all.

  2. Snuff –

    Way to pull a rabbit out of the hat and a VQ at that. Well played welcome to the Q sheet