Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

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Six men broke free from the fartsack to partake in something new..kinda.

YHC was scouring the internet from boredom and read that April 7th would produce a Full Moon Pink (Nancy Lopez read the same article – great minds). This is where the moon is at the closest point in the rotation around the earth. It happens on a 14 month cycle. In my boredom I found one of MANY workouts people are posting and came across the one titled HIIT this curb workout. So we did…….kinda.

Here’s how it went down…………

COP: SSH, Little Baby Crunches, Superman, Flutter Kicks (Sugar Sticks), Jazzercise & Imperial Walkers.

Beatdown: Curb Steps, Curb Pushoffs, Curb Standing Lunge, Curb Burpee, Curb Drydock to Merkin (needs a new name as much mumblechatter was happening – some creative xxx names tho!) & Curb Peter Parkers.

If you want to see how it was supposed to happen watch the video.

Marmaduke took us out. Prayers to Honeymoons family as they wait to hear news on his fathers remission.


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  1. Thanks for allowing me to lead today. You killed it. I actually forgot to mention the 4 corners round of the workout….oh well. If you posted you know! Have a great & safe day.

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