Thursday, November 26
Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Social-D: Spider Edition


A lucky number of gents took various start times and routes so as to keep numbers to a minimum and social distances to a maximum. Props to those who bothered to read the pre-blast and choose their own schedule for completing one of three routes (TYA was not one of them).

Announcements: Gomer will be starting a Friday run AO near Deep Run. As to WHEN this will begin?….Please reach out to Gomer Pyle.

The routes (as posted in the PRE-BLAST) were as follows…although not everyone (TYA) followed them:

4 Mile:

5 Mile:

6 Mile:

Saab Abides


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  1. Big Tennessee on

    Good route, Saabski. Been a while since I went up S Ridge. Looks like we got a little creative with the route there at the end, eh Swirly?

  2. Love that route Saab. Forward, backward, around the stadium, around the lake, all good. I was a hair shy of 5, but saw an F3 brother along the way and managed to help a friendly little turtle about the size of a silver dollar cross College Rd without getting smashed.

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