Always 70 and Sunny
Always 70 and Sunny

Generation X with space


5 socially distant warriors took to the lush fields to embark on a classic No Toll beatdown. YHC saw the Q was open and decided to step up and lead for the 1st time of his F3 journey. The moon was bright, temperature a cool 70 degrees and the fields laid with a dewy hue. Here is what is rumored to have occurred:

Mosey to parking lot for COP SSH, DQ’s, Helicopters, Arm Circles, Reversos, Cherry Pickers were served up warm. All looked good so lets move.


Exercise 1 – Mile warm up cause why not In honor of mile a day month, warmed up with 2 laps around the fields of Robious park at your own pace. Doozy was on pace to lap YHC twice if it was extended. Al Gore for the 6. Bone Thug joins in the fun so onto the pavilion

Exercise 2 – X Games YHC had been giving this exercise some thought and decided to try it out. Start at the soccer pavilion PAX runs to different corner to enjoy 4 helpings of 25 American Hammers (2x), Mountain Climbers (2x), WWII’s, Jump Squats. Between each exercise PAX returns to the pavilion for 25 dips on the benches. Doozy led the Plank for the 6.

Exercise 3 – Triple Check PAX pounded the X so YHC had to start thinking of the next step. Back to the parking lot for a triple check. Timer – runs the parking lot, Curb Crawl and Pole Smokers were the exercises of choice.

Exercise 4 – Ring of Mankillers Back out to the dewy field for a ring of fire. YHC threw a quick audible and decided on some Mankillers. Doozy led a 5 count. Followed by Merkin Ring of Fire. BTTF to complete the work out with LBC’s and Freddie Mercuries.

Great job by the PAX. Went a lot faster than YHC thought. Excited to get back on the Q sheet shortly.

Thoughts and prayers to Doozy and his mother in law along with Bone Thugs and his family as they are battling health concerns.

Was a great effort by all today. Everyday you don’t challenge yourself is an experience missed. Keep grinding and good things will come.


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